About Me

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My name is Peter McQueeny, I'm an author, editor, freelancer, and obnoxious know-it-all.  In my time as a professional writer, I've tackled everything from cookbooks, to transcribing interviews, to web copy, to writing and editing full-length novels.

As a novelist, my primary focus is adventurous horror/science fiction, with elements of space opera and cyberpunk.  I love genre mash-ups, zany characters, and ridiculous, over-the-top action.

I've published a collection of short stories entitled 3 Futures with Catharsis Fiction, and variously self-published short stories through Amazon.  I am currently working on the first full-length novel in my series Jim Frankenstein, Rock and Roll Space Priest, which concerns the adventures of a whiskey-swilling Catholic priest who fights demons in space with a magic bass guitar.  For more info about my work, check out my site PeterTMcQueeny.com.

I spent way too much of my childhood reading, way too much of my early adulthood watching movies, and way too much of my current life binge-watching Netflix series.  I'm addicted to stories, and I can be very opinionated when they don't live up to my expectations.  I love gut-busting death metal, pipes and pipe tobacco, smelling whiskey for an irritatingly long time, tattoos that look like they belong in the margins of a high-schooler's spiral notebook, playing imaginary drums with my fingers, and irritating my wife by wearing bandannas.  I love God, have a crush on the Devil, devour science like candy and candy like it's a science, avoid political discussions like the plague, and pride myself on being ridiculous almost all the time.

To read my half-crazed babbling about subjects various and sundry, check out my personal blog Pete Rambles.

I created this site not because I consider myself an expert, but because I have so hedonistically relished the process of learning about writing fiction, that I wanted to share my joys and frustrations with the writing community at large.  Much of the material you find here has me standing on the shoulders of giants, but such is life.  I apologize for nothing, and take credit for precious little.  They say you retain only a small part of what you see, hear and read, but nearly all of what you teach to others, so really, I'm not doing this for you shiftless layablouts at all, I'm just trying to horde all the knowledge I can.  If something I post is helpful to you, that's just icing on the cake.

Have problems or feedback on the site? Have a writing-related question you'd like me to answer? Think I'm a pretentious d-bag? Contact me! I answer every email I get.